Electronic Filing Procedure

1. To be eligible to submit an electronic filing you must have the capability to scan. The scanned image should be in TIF, BMP, or JPG format.

2. All applicable fields are required for each submission or endorsement.

3. Please note that you should only press submit one time. If the scanned file you are sending is large in size, this process may take several minutes to successfully complete. When you have completed submitting the form, you will see a success page.

4. The success page should be printed and filed with your copy of the policy.

5. Your statement from the Association will be verification that the filing was approved.

6. Filings that are incorrect or lacking the required information will be e-mailed back to the sender for necessary corrections. You will be unable to make any corrections on the returned filing.

7. You will need to complete a new filing, including corrections requested by the Association. This will then produce a new success page for you to attach to the policy

8. Penalties: Utah law requires that a penalty be assessed if the tax is not paid within 60 days of the effective date of the policy. The penalty is 25% of the tax due, plus 1-1/2% per month from the time of default until full payment of the tax. Penalty letters will be issued by the Association to the filing Producer.